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Feeling at home, waiting a guest is always a unique moment

A romantic liberty villa of the ‘30s in a beautiful frame among nature, relax and culture: Hotel Roma, the oldest and the most suggestive hotel in Scanno. Maybe because Cartier-Bresson was here in Scanno and took wonderful photos that made the history or maybe thanks to the magic atmosphere you can breathe for the elegant and refined Liberty or thanks to the suffused light that “plays” among the colored windows… staying here means being in a dreamlike dimension in a vintage atmosphere. To animate your holiday (but always in a low voice) we organize themed evenings, parties, barbecues on the terrace, tastings… Hotel Roma, Costanza and her Home are waiting for YOU, we will be glad to meet you to spend some days together.

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Elegant rooms

20 different rooms, furnished with care and love. Each room has a particular element that makes it unique: the view of the old village, the closeness of the mountains, a little balcony or a romantic lodge, the warmth of a small nest with warm colors. Hotel Roma reflects its story also in its rooms and we hope you will also like some small “vintage” elements like our beautiful original Liberty steps!

Events exclusive

Each event has an added value in the exclusive and particular frame that Hotel Roma can give you: weddings, ceremonies, birthdays, special events, tastings, aperitif in the terrace, photographic and artistic weekends. Each event (even if it is small) is big for us for the details, the creativity and the passion we put in what we do.

The lake's friends

Stories about Hotel Roma in Scanno

Send us a short story, the only bond is that the story is about your stay in Scanno and in our Hotel…let your imagination soar. We will publish anonymously your best stories with omissions if necessary.

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